Working Groups

Working Groups (WG) comprise a small number of international experts to address specific issues relevant to the IAIC. These groups will hold virtual meetings and retain responsibility for focused discussions on topics of primary importance to the IAIC. This includes helping to identify issues that have not already identified, inviting in people who can contribute in meaningful ways, and keeping notes of relevant discussions for reference and communication to others, including the broader public. These groups serve as a means to identify key contributors for involvement in the IAIC and as a way to dynamically respond to new and changing community needs and interests.

Working Group Reports

Current WGs include:

  1. Engineering, Architecture and Infrastructure (EAI). Co-chaired by Matt Vaughn (Texas Advanced Computing Center, UT-Austin, USA) and James Taylor (Emory University, USA)
    Steering Committee Liaisons: Doreen Ware, Dan Stanzione

    Matt presents the EAI Working Group's concept at the Design Workshop

  2. Modules and Use Cases (MOD). Co-chaired by Nick Provart (University of Toronto, Canada) and Ann Lorraine (University of North Carolina-Chapel HIll, USA)
    Steering Committee Liaisons: Erich Grotewold, Jim Beynon

    Nick presents the outcomes of the Working Group's discussions at the Design Workshop

  3. Standards and Ontologies (SO). Co-chaired by Pankaj Jaiswal (University of Oregon, USA)
    Steering Committee Liaisons: Ruth Bastow, Volker Brendel

    Pankaj presents the Standards and Ontologies WG report at the Design Workshop