Araport, the new Arabidopsis information portal, was funded by NSF as a new model for assimilation and integration of a wide range of data types pertaining to Arabidopsis thaliana, the model flowering plant. Now entering its second year, the web site ( hosts instances of JBrowse and InterMine containing genomic, expression and proteomic data.

A key part of Araport is ThaleMine which enables you to analyze gene and protein data from TAIR, expression and interaction data from BAR, ortholog data from Panther, and more.
You use plain text or structured queries for interactive gene and protein reports.

June 2012: Plant Cell Commentary, Open Access: Developing the Arabidopsis Information Portal. This publication describes the challenges of developing an Arabidopsis Information Portal (AIP) to replace theĀ  bioinformatics resource, TAIR, that currently houses much of the community’s genomic (and other) public data.

March 2012: AIP_Draft Requirements– IN PROGRESS document

August 2010: Plant Cell commentary. Publication on 2010 international workshop outcomes and recommendations, including one to establish the IAIC

Genomic information infrastructure after the deluge. J. Parkhill, E. Birney, and P. Kersey. (2010) Genome Biology

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