IAIC Publications/Documents

Newest Publications at Top:

  • December 2019: Arabidopsis Bioinformatics Resources: The current state, challenges, and priorities for the future, Open Access, Plant Direct (Link to article here.)
  • June 2013: Updates from the IAIC- what’s been happening, what’s planned, how to get involved  (Updates from the IAIC_June 2013 Newsletter_Final)
  • June 2012: Developing the Arabidopsis Information Portal, Open Access, The Plant Cell (link to article here.) This publication describes the challenges of developing an Arabidopsis Information Portal (AIP) to replace the  bioinformatics resource, TAIR, that currently houses much of the community’s genomic (and other) public data.
  • March 2012:  Link to Document Here– IN PROGRESS document- Draft of technical requirements for the AIP derived from the December 2011 AIP Design Workshop.
  • August 2010: Developing the IAIC, The Plant Cell (link to article here.)


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