ICAR 2013- Sydney, Australia

Click here for PDF of Meyers – IAIC-AIP for ICAR 2013

International Arabidopsis Informatics Consortium: The transition from TAIR to the Arabidopsis Information Portal (AIP)

Chair: Blake Meyers, University of Delaware

Workshop- Wednesday June 26, 12:50-2:20 pm

This workshop will present the IAIC’s efforts to enable a stable data and resources access point for Arabidopsis bioinformatics to serve the global plant research community. An additional aim is to engage meeting participants in a discussion that will (1) allow input into the development of this new informatics resource (the Arabidopsis Information Portal, AIP) and (2) provide concrete examples of how the community can contribute to and benefit from it. The workshop will include a progress report on the transition process from TAIR to the AIP including the impacts to the global research community in regards to data and resource continuity. The core of the workshop’s content will be forward-looking and include updates on initial AIP planning and development, and presentations by researchers and experts that have designed, or are proposing to design, resources that may be integrated into the AIP. The workshop will conclude with an open forum on the AIP development process, global coordination of efforts, and implications to basic research in Arabidopsis and other plants.

  1. Blake Meyers, University of Delaware: The International Arabidopsis Informatics Consortium: how we got here, and what’s next for Arabidopsis Informatics- Meyers – IAIC-AIP for ICAR 2013
  2. Sean May, University of Nottingham: AIP: physical resources – in search of the missing link(s)
  3. Brian Gregory, University of Pennsylvania: EPIC-CoGe Browser for Arabidopsis epigenomic data
  4. Tetsuro Toyoda, RIKEN Institute: Posmed: another gateway to the AIP databases from literature
  5. Connie Hooper, The University of Western Australia: Subcellular reaction room proteomes for reconstructing a compartmentalized model of Arabidopsis metabolism
  6. Josh Heazlewood, Joint BioEnergy Institute, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory: Mining post translational modifications in Arabidopsis using the modhunter
  7. Group Discussion/Community Feedback