ICAR 2012- Yokahama, Japan

IAIC-related Events

Presentations- PDF format:

  1. Blake Meyers- IAIC Interim Director, Meyers_IAIC_AIP
  2. Eva Huala- TAIR Director, ICAR2012_Huala

(1) July 3, Workshop on Arabidopsis Bioinformatics: A model for other organisms

Organized by: Blake C Meyers (University of Delaware, USA) & Erich Grotewold (Ohio State University, USA)
  1. Blake Meyers (University of Delaware, USA) Workshop introduction and overview: IAIC vision, current status, and the next big step: developing the new Arabidopsis Information Portal (AIP)
  2. Mark Estelle (University of California, San Deigo, USA) The IAIC Scientific Advisory Board (SAB): its role and connection to the community
  3. Chris Town (J. Craig Venter Institute, USA) Envisioning a first version of the Arabidopsis Information Portal (AIP)
  4. Eva Huala (TAIR) Transitioning from TAIR. ICAR2012_Huala
  5. Dan Stanzione (University of Texas, Austin, USA & The iPlant Collaborative) Transitioning from TAIR to iPlant
  6. Nick Provart (University of Toronto, Canada) Community-contributed modules for the Arabidopsis Information Portal: What are modules and what’s an example of one? Dirk Walther (Max Planck Institute for Molecular Plant Physiology, Germany) Bioinformatics resources and projects – possible community module(s)
  7. Erich Grotewold (Ohio State University, USA & Arabidopsis Biological Resources Center (ABRC)) Wrap up, next steps, feedback

(2) July 4, Initial Meeting of the IAIC Scientific Advisory Board (with members of the Steering Committee and some observers in attendance)

(3) July 5, Platform talk by Blake Meyers, IAIC Interim Director

‘Responding to the Community- the International Arabidopsis Informatics Consortium and Development of the Arabidopsis Information Portal.’ Meyers_IAIC_AIP