First Name Last Name Institution
Katja Baerenfaller ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Ruth Bastow GARNet, UK
JIm Beynon University of Warwick, UK
Siobhan Brady University of California, Davis, USA
Volker Brendel Iowa State University, USA
Sylva Donaldson University of Toronto, Canada
Rion Dooley University of Texas-Austin, USA
Mark Forster Syngenta, UK
Joanna Friesner NAASC, USA;
Logistical Administrator
David Gifford RIKEN, Japan (assistant to T. Toyoda)
Erich Grotewold Ohio State University & ABRC, USA
Rodrigo Gutierrez P. Universidad Cat├│lica de Chile
Eva Huala TAIR, USA
Pankaj Jaiswal Oregon State University, USA
Hiren Joshi Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, JBEI, USA
Paul Kersey EBI- European Bioinformatics Inst., UK
Lei Liu SIBS, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Ann Loraine University of North Carolina, Charlotte, USA
Eric Lyons University of Arizona, USA
Sean May University of Nottingham and NASC, UK
Klaus Mayer MIPS/IBIS, Germany
Dan McLean Sainsbury Lab, UK
Blake Meyers University of Delaware, USA
Lead Organizer
Lukas Mueller Cornell University, USA
Bob Muller TAIR, USA
Hans-Michael Muller Caltech, USA
Francis Ouellette Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, Canada
Chris Pires University of Missouri-Columbia, USA
Nick Provart University of Toronto, Canada
Dorothee Staiger University of Bielefeld, Germany
Dan Stanzione University of Texas-Austin, USA
James Taylor Emory University, USA
Crispin Taylor ASPB, USA
Tetsuro Toyoda RIKEN, Japan
Matt Vaughn University of Texas-Austin, USA
Sean Walsh ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Doreen Ware USDA ARS and Cold Spring Harbor Lab, USA
Wolfram Weckwerth University of Vienna, Austria
Michael Ball BBSRC-UK
Machi Dilworth NSF-US
Katja Hartig DFG-Germany
Diane Okamuro NSF-US
Nancy Sung NSF-US
Greg Warr NSF-US
Andy Burnett Know Innovation
Tim Morley Know Innovation
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