2011- Design Workshop

The Design Workshop (Dec. 11-14; Emory Conference Center, Atlanta, Georgia) convened 37 participants with backgrounds in plant biology, databases, cyberinfrastructure, and computer science to creatively envision and discuss potential designs for a new Arabidopsis Information Portal (AIP). The workshop also benefited from input provided in advance by leaders of projects and resources. Community Feedback PDF

Working Group brainstorming

During the 2.5 day workshop, participants identified community needs that the AIP should address and potential challenges to its development.  Teams then brainstormed solutions to these challenges and began developing ‘concept maps’ outlining key AIP components. Participants, including the Steering Committee, are in the process of developing community recommendations for the AIP, to be included in a white paper.

AIP development approaches taken during the workshop:

  1. Presentations by leaders of other scientific projects (e.g. iPlant Collaborative, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, ELIXIR, 1,001 Genomes)

    Mark Forster presents the ELIXIR project

  2. Small group discussions- identifying approaches, brainstorming solutions

    Small group teamwork

  3. Presentations by small groups with the larger audience noting positives, potential benefits, and concerns

    Matt Vaughn and Chris Pires explain their group discussion

  4. Mixing up small groups for new perspectives and synergies

    Table groups debating AIP designs

  5. Organizing ‘Dream Teams’ to conceptualize AIP development led by ‘Fantasy PIs’

    Preparing to make AIP 'Dream Teams'

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