NSF funds J. Craig Venter Institute to develop the Arabidopsis Information Portal (AIP)

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The National Science Foundation has announced that it will fund for five years a group led by Chris Town at the J. Craig Venter Institute to develop the Arabidopsis Information Portal (AIP). The Arabidopsis Information Portal will use a combination of data federation and web services technologies to provide the Arabidopsis community with integrated views of a wide range of relevant data types. The AIP concept was developed in a series of workshops organized by the International Arabidopsis Informatics Consortium (IAIC) following the announcement that NSF funding for TAIR (The Arabidopsis Information Resource) would terminate in August 2013. In addition to hosting all the data currently in TAIR, the AIP will provide access to and integration of a more diverse set of data types, such as expression data, protein interaction data and data from the 1001 genomes project.

The AIP will have a modular design that will allow community members worldwide to develop and plug in both data and analysis modules, thus allowing costs to be distributed across multiple countries and funding agencies. Collaborating institutions in this project are the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) and the Cambridge Systems Biology Centre, UK. Staff from TAIR will assist in providing data from the current TAIR database to the AIP in year 1.

AIP development will be in consultation with the AIP Scientific Advisory Board consisting of representatives of the global Arabidopsis and bioinformatics communities.

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