Arabidopsis data gets new home via NSF-funded Arabidopsis Information Portal

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A new article entitled ‘Arabidopsis Data Gets New Home at JCVI’s AIP as TAIR Turns to Subscriptions to Stay Afloat by Uduak Grace Thomas describes the three+ year process by members of the international Arabidopsis community to (1) maintain continuity in housing vital Arabidopsis data (2) expand capabilities to store and manage vast new datasets and datatypes (3) develop new resources and integrate resources developed (or to be developed) by the global community and (4) share the burden of supporting community resources across a potentially wider range of funding agencies and countries. These efforts culminated recently in an NSF award to PI Chris Town (J. Craig Venter Institute) to develop a new Arabidopsis Information Portal (AIP).

Town and colleagues from the Texas Advanced Computing Center and Cambridge University expect to produce a functioning portal prototype by the end of year. The project will leverage significant NSF investments in plant bioinformatics via the iPlant Collaborative. It will also sub-contract with TAIR staff to migrate exisiting data into an open source relational database.

The AIP will be structured in three tiers including a ‘user interface, a database structure, and a web-services layer that will pull information from JCVI-hosted data warehouses and external databases through third-party applications.’

AIP development plans include:

  • An implementation of an Arabidopsis-specific instance of InterMine, a data integration platform that is widely accepted in the animal model organism database community
  • The design and construction of a web services layer that facilitates data access
  • Integration with iPlant Collaborative resources
  • Federation with other data providers
  • Development of analytical workflows

The article also describes the new subscription model planned by TAIR staff and differences between the two resources.

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