TAIR to charge users via subscription model

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The IAIC formed in 2010 order to maintain and expand vital Arabidopsis community resources in response to the the NSF’s decision to reduce, and then cease, funding for TAIR, the main Arabidopsis database since 1999.

For more than two years international IAIC participants convened meetings and workshops to strategize how to fund and develop this new, expanded resource, now called the AIP, including to leverage international resources and expertise.

These collective community efforts culminated in the submission of an AIP funding proposal that was informed in large part by an IAIC-organized design workshop in December 2011 which brought together plant researchers and computational experts to hash out the needs of the community and how they would best translate into a revitalized bioinformatics resource.  The AIP proposal was submitted in fall 2012 and has been in discussions for the last 6+ months, with a final funding decision expected at any time. An international Scientific Advisory Board has also been in place since early 2012.

Below is a Nature news release about the new path chosen by TAIR members, to maintain TAIR under a new subscription service:



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